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Vibrant flavours and healthy meals

Guy Hazlewood    April 27, 2024    1 min read   

Salam owns and operates African Grocery and Injera Bakery in Oxley and the traditional Ethiopian eatery in Moorooka called Ethiopian Village.

The Oxley grocery, which offers everything from spices to Ethiopian dresses, is known for their Injera, a sour fermented pancake-style flatbread, which Salam believes is a healthy alternative to standard wraps.

“Injera is a very healthy alternative to other side dishes such as bread and rice,” she said.

“It is good for the brain, gluten-free and goes with everything such as vegetables, meat or stews.”

Salam has owned the African grocery for a year and loves the community she has established herself in.

“Oxley is very multicultural and everyone here loves the injera,” she said.

“Every day we are in the store we are always saying hello to the community, it’s a very friendly area.”

As a restaurant and grocery business owner, Salam offers advice to anyone else starting a business.

“You must work hard and be focused,” she said.

“But most of all, you must love what you do.”

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Guy Hazlewood