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Probus Club of Forest Lake

The Lake News    February 1, 2024    1 min read   

What does this year hold in store? We can only hope for an improvement on the past. It is a Leap year, and so far Probians have had a quiet start. With so many members away still enjoying vacation time somewhere in the wild blue yonder and a few recovering from ill-health, there was no guest speaker this month.

Members enjoyed friendship, some related their Christmas exploits and all participated in the quiz. The following week we had a scrumptious breakfast at Moselles at Springfield. It was relaxing and pleasant being able to appreciate the view across the lake. That time of the morning there was a light breeze that assisted in the development of jovial conversation and very relaxed atmosphere. 

Probians of Forest Lake are a friendly, caring and interesting group of people, so if you are retired or semi-retired come and join us for fun, friendship and fellowship.

For more details contact our president Elaine on 0416 257 227. For membership contact Val on 0490 946 122.

The Lake News

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