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The Probus Club of Forest Lake’s speaker for September was Jackie, Education Officer from RACQ, who concentrated on the safety aspect of driving especially for seniors. She was plied with a plethora of questions from the floor which also included the safety of pedestrians.

The monthly activity was a fascinating trip to the Garden City of Toowoomba. Our first stop in Toowoomba was at Laurel Bank Park Gardens. This was a gift to Toowoomba by Samuel Stephens and is a perfect example of an individual’s lasting influence on the character of the local environment. The 4.5 hectare Park was opened in 1934. There is also a scented garden filled with scented plants and herbs that was created in 1980 as a joint initiative between Toowoomba City Council and the Rotary Club of Toowoomba East for the seeing impaired to enjoy. Thus Laurel Bank Park is a garden for all seasons and all people. Council gardeners plant approximately 60,000 seedlings and 18,000 bulbs for the Spring floral display.

Then off we went to Queens Park, the City Council’s official garden. This 25 hectare property was originally gazetted in 1869 to host the Royal Agricultural Society International Festival. It was only established in 1879 and inaugurated by Queen Victoria herself. In 1887 Alexander McKenzie, a leading park designer in London, created and developed the design and layout on behalf of the City of London. A remnant of the original Park architecture in 1891 was the

Bandstand and in 1992 was restored to its former glory.

We also visited the Championship private garden of Serge and Leisa Rossignol. The front garden was very French with lavender and a small space to enjoy a glass of proverbial champagne or coffee. It was amazing to see what they squashed into 600 sq metres.

Lunch was enjoyed at the popular Picnic Point and discovered that many a famous person had visited The Outlook as far back as the 1880s. All recorded their comments and expressing their amazement about the beauty of the environment and the spectacular views.

Retirees and semi-retirees come and meet a diverse group of friendly and caring people who can add to enriching our lives. For more details contact our membership officer Val on 0490 946 122, or president Elaine on 0416 257 227.

French part of the winning garden at Toowoomba.

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