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Ravishing Fashionistas showcases Forest Lake Talent

Jamie Furness    June 30, 2023    3 min read   
Forest Lake locals in the RF team include Adrian (second from the right) and concept creator Upma Kite (third from the left).

The Ravishing Fashionistas fashion show will return to Brisbane in July, featuring models and team members from Forest Lake and surrounding suburbs.

The show date and after party will take place on July 15, where Queen Street Mall and the Hyatt Hotel will be transformed into glamorous stages. 

A Ravishing Fashionistas spokesperson said the fusion of style, diversity, and innovation will captivate the audience and leave a lasting impression. 

“Models will strut down the runway, showcasing the creations of talented designers who have come on board to make this event truly exceptional,” a spokesperson said.

“Our journey began on the 6th of May with a casting call that witnessed an overwhelming turnout of aspiring models from all backgrounds, ages, and sizes. 

“The diverse range of talent and beauty displayed at the auditions has set the stage for a truly remarkable showcase of fashion that defies conventions and embraces individuality.”

Caption: A promo shoot at the Hyatt Hotel on June 10 also captured the essence of the event and created buzz among fashion enthusiasts and allowed emerging and established designers to share their insights and inspirations. 

Ravishing Fashionistas is preparing for a triumphant 2023 event following the success of last year’s sold-out show, which took place on August 6 at the Old Government House in Brisbane.

“The event was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and participants alike,” Ravishing Fashionista’s spokesperson said.

“This year, our mission remains the same: to empower women by shattering stereotypes 

within the fashion industry.

“We are immensely proud of the incredible talent and diversity showcased on our runway.”

An RF spokesperson said they had meticulously planned various activities to ensure every aspect of the event is a success. 

Show rehearsals have been scheduled to fine-tune the performances and choreography, ensuring a seamless and captivating runway experience as the runway models showcase their talent and bring the designer’s visions to life.

“RF Fashion Week is not just about the runway – It’s a holistic experience that encompasses various elements of the fashion industry.”

Volunteers also play a vital role in the success of RF Fashion Week, who are well-prepared to support the event and provide a memorable experience for attendees. 

In addition to the main event, RF Fashion Week also goes beyond the runway to give back to the community.

On October 28, a charity event will be held at the Emporium Hotel, supporting a noble cause and demonstrating RF’s commitment to making a positive impact.

Visit ravishingfashionistas.com for more information and to book tickets, and follow Ravishing Fashionistas on Facebook for updates and announcements. 

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