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Scenic Writer’s Shack hosts short story competition

Shontae Iafeta    January 25, 2024    2 min read   

Forest Lake-based website Scenic Writer’s Shack (SWS) is introducing its first short story competition, with entries open from January 1 to February 28 and cash prizes up for offer.

Contest entry requirements include:

  • A short story between 400 and 500 words 
  • Starting with the sentence: ‘Dylan’s face had turned a pale shade of old sock’.

The cash prizes consist of first place receiving $100, second place receiving $50, and third place receiving $25.

Photo: Sincerely Media on Unsplash
Glen Donaldson, who has lived in Forest Lake for 17 years, is running his first competition via the Scenic Writer’s Shack website. Photo: Glen Donaldson.

Forest Lake resident of 17 years Glen Donaldson, who owns the Scenic Writer’s Shack,  has run the website since 2016 alongside his day job as a primary school teacher to share his love for reading and writing.

“I have a passion for reading, writing and creativity in general – the purpose of this competition is to promote and gain exposure for the site,” he said.

Glen chose short story writing for this competition because it is a beginner-friendly style of writing. 

“As a writer, I know not everyone has the goal of producing a novel – short stories have always held appeal for that reason,” he said. 

Glen’s competition has gained exposure internationally from other writers, with English writers Bridget Whelan and Stuart Aken, American writer Stacey Bryan, and Writer’s Victoria linking his competition to their websites.

For more information and entry submission details, visit scenicwritersshack.com/.

Glen with his daughter Lia. Photo: Glen Donaldson

Shontae Iafeta